If you’ve invested in some great outdoor furniture, the last thing you want is for it to be ruined by sun damage, dirt and debris. To keep your furniture looking its best and ready for use at a moment’s notice, we’ve prepared an easy-to-follow guide.

With our top tips, you can keep your furniture properly protected and cared for so you can enjoy it for many years to come. 

Types Of Outdoor Furniture

The first step in caring for your outdoor dining settings and other outdoor furniture pieces is to identify the material used in their construction. While all outdoor settings require proper care, depending on what it’s made of, your furniture requires slightly different care. 

Wicker Furniture 

Wicker furniture, both natural and synthetic, tends to more easily trap dust and grime due to how it is woven. Both are easily cleaned with a warm soapy solution and soft bristle brush and should be left to dry fully before being covered. 

Letting everything dry after you have cleaned your furniture is especially important for natural wicker pieces as if it is not able to dry properly, it can develop mould and mildew problems. 

Plastic Furniture 

Incredibly easy to clean, plastic outdoor furniture can be hosed off or wiped down with warm water and dish soap. It does not face problems with mould or trapped dust but can break down if left in the full sun due to damaging UV rays. 

Metal Furniture

Usually quite easy to care for, metal furniture can be cleaned in the same way as plastic furniture. Metal furniture with added webbing for backs or seating needs more protection from the weather than wholly metal pieces. 

Keep in mind that even though metal is incredibly resilient and long-lasting, consistent exposure to water can lead to discolouration or rusting. 

Wooden Furniture 

A firm favourite, wooden furniture is durable, easy to clean and largely resistant to the sun’s UV rays. It still should be stored undercover wherever possible and may need light sanding and re-oiling periodically to remain looking at its best. 

Wooden furniture should only need a light wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid soaps where possible as this can break down the protective oils used to seal the wood. 

Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture  

Caring for your furniture doesn’t need to be complicated, time-consuming or expensive. Simply follow these three basic steps and you’ll be assured of clean and comfortable patio furniture.    


No matter what your furniture is made of, regularly cleaning it is a must! Your furniture is constantly exposed to dust, dirt, and grime such as cobwebs and more. Wiping down surfaces, whether using mild soap and a soft cloth, or simply warm water can help to prevent dirt and stains from setting in.

A light spray with insect repellant following a cleaning can also help to keep spider webs and unwanted creepy crawlies to a minimum. 


Another great way to keep your furniture properly cared for is to pack it away when it is not in use. This is especially true during the colder, wetter months of Autumn and Winter. 

Always choose a storage location that keeps your outdoor furniture warm and dry to prevent any damage from the elements. Proper storage means you can unpack your furniture as soon as the warmer weather allows without having to deal with rust, rot or a build-up of mildew. 


No matter the time of year, you should try to cover your furniture when not in use. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions or simply do not have the space to store your furniture undercover you should invest in outdoor furniture covers. 

Covers block UV rays, inhibit settling dust and grime and repel water. Using waterproof covers or putting your furniture away during certain seasons can prolong its life and ensure your furniture stays cleaner all year round.

The Infinity Furniture Difference 

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