There’s something so satisfying about finding the perfect piece of dual-purpose furniture for your home. When style and practicality combine to give you a couch or sofa bed that is comfortable for everyday use but also exceedingly comfortable for any overnight guests, you know you’re on to a winner.

If you’re on the hunt for a corner sofa bed in Melbourne, then Infinity Furniture should be on your list. Our warehouse is stocked with a range of quality sofas direct from overseas factories as well as amazing sofas from several Australian wholesalers clearing discontinued and overstocked products.

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What Makes For A Great Sofa?

When it comes to selecting a great sofa or lounge for your home, there is so much to think about. A new sofa is a big investment, when well selected it will keep you in comfort and style for many years to come.

This is why it is important not rush into choosing your new couch and to think about some key points first. So what makes for a great sofa and what should you be reviewing before confirming your new purchase? Let’s take a look.


One of the biggest questions to ask yourself is where and how the sofa will be used. If it is simply a spare room or office addition that will be used infrequently then less time and money is usually assigned to its selection.

If it is to be your everyday living area seating and sometimes spare bed for guests then it really pays to invest significant time and money into selecting a quality piece. There is nothing to be gained by buying an expensive lounge and having it quickly look aged and worn out.


Again, if your sofa will be used infrequently, the fabric used in covering the lounge may not matter much to you. However, for everyday use the focus should be on high-quality, hardwearing materials such as leather, cotton, linen fabrics or cotton/polyester blends.

If not leather that can be easily wiped down, couch covers should be removable and easily washed and dried at home without the need for a dry cleaner. This ensures your sofa looks its best for you and your guests for many many years to come.


You may be in love with the big plush corner sofa or its sleek modernist counterpart but ensuring the lounge suites you inspect will suit your space is paramount. Too big and your space will feel crowded and unpleasant. Too small and your lounge will look dwarfed by the room.

In the case of corner modular lounges, checking the size is especially important. As these suites tend to be bigger, ensuring they will in fact fit before finalising the purchase is a must. They can also be quite heavy, so be sure you can manoeuvre them as needed.

For fabric or leather corner sofa beds and modulars with a chaise, you may like to check whether the chaise section can be moved. Well, constructed modular sofas will often allow you to shift the positioning of couch components to be left or right hand facing.

This means you can keep your lounge when you move rooms or homes and still have it fit the space well.


A sturdy, solid sofa is also important. Imagine plonking down at the end of a hard day and hearing your lounge give way beneath you, or worse, your guests!

Well made, high quality lounges will have a solid wooden frame or steel frame that has been expertly fitted together and fixed in place. They should not sag or creak when in use and should retain their shape through many years of constant use.

For lounge sofa beds, it pays to try out the mechanisms involved in converting the lounge to a bed. They should move easily without great force and lock safety into place during use.


What do you need the couch to do? Is it simply to sit on periodically as in the case of an office or spare room furniture? Does it need to be a fort for the kids during holidays, a spare bed for guests and an all-around everyday comfort zone?

Be sure when choosing your new corner sofa bed in Melbourne that it can do everything you need it to do.

Types And Styles Of Sofa

So you’ve been considering a new sofa, you think you’re all set on a corner sofa bed, but have you considered:
Day Beds

A cross between a single/king single bed and a couch, a day bed is often perfect for sunrooms or quiet relaxed spaces where you want to lounge and enjoy the serenity. They are also well suited to dual-purpose spaces that need seating and the option of added sleeping space.

We recommend avoiding daybeds for primary living areas as they tend to be quite large and uncomfortable seating for TV viewing.

Lounge Suite

A more traditional approach to furnishing your living room, a lounge suite incorporates armchairs, a 2, or 3- seater sofa or a combination of these to fill the space.

You can opt for each fabric sofa in a suite to be in the same fabric or co-ordinating, you may even like to pair fabric with leather for a more unique style.

Chaise Lounge

Not quite a lounge, not quite a bed, a chaise lounge is a ‘long chair’ that is the width of a single armchair but with an extended seat base. This style of lounge is perfect for relaxing with your feet up but is best suited to being an occasional chair or statement piece.

Fold Out Sofas

Favoured by many households since their first patent for sofa beds was submitted in 1925, fold-out sofas are the ideal solution for households with limited space. Don’t have a dedicated guest room?

A fold-out sofa, also known as a sleeper sofa, is the perfect solution, tucked away when you don’t need it and easily set up when you do, a sofa bed ensures you’re always ready to host guests.

Chesterfield Sofa

A classic style, the chesterfield sofa is a tufted or quilted style of sofa most often seen in plush libraries or offices. Chesterfields are a very specific style and one that is not easily incorporated into every home, they do however tend to last a lifetime!

Mid-Century Modern Sofa

A sleek mix of timber with a steel frame, mid-century furniture is once again gaining traction as a popular choice. While some designs allow for use as a double bed, they’re usually single-purpose pieces that add some designer flair to your living area.

While comfortable, this style of sofa is more for occasional use and not ideal for snuggling down into for a movie.
The ideal mix of all options, a modular unit combines ample seating with the option to add on a chaise, recliner chair, sofa bed and more. Modular sofas help make use of awkward corner spaces in living areas and create cosy nooks for settling into.

Modular sofas come in sections and can often be rearranged to suit a new space without the need to get a new sofa.

Why Choose A Corner Sofa Bed?

If a modular corner lounge consisting of a corner sofa bed, as well as added seating, is still high on your list, good choice! There are many benefits of opting for this style of lounge such as:

Corner Sofa Beds

  • A larger guest bed, and a larger 3 seater sofa bed as part of a modular can mean a guest bed that is closer to a queen-size than a double bed.
  • Better use of available space, no unused corners in living rooms!
  • More versatile seating. Put your feet up or curl up in the corner and get truly comfortable.
  • You’ll always have a comfortable bed for your guests.
  • They can create the illusion of a bigger lounge room by neatly sitting against the wall and keeping the middle of the room clear.
  • They are more luxurious and appealing than traditional lounges or sofa beds.

Please note that as corner sofa beds can be quite heavy and oversize it is especially important to properly measure your living room before purchase. We also recommended measuring your doorways and ensuring any staircases are wide enough to allow access.

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