Why buy an egg chair?

Egg chairs rose to popularity in the 1960s, and they might have seemed like a futuristic novelty at the time, but they have since evolved into a number of styles to suit any home or outdoors area. With all the sunshine of a Queensland lifestyle, they provide the perfect place to get fresh air and vitamin D, while shielding your head and eyes.

This style of hanging chair can be ergonomic as well. The shape ensures lumbar support, while the frame allows for a range of different cushions to be used (soft or firm depending on your needs). There’s also plenty of room to change positions so you’re not sitting stationary for too long.

Feel comfortable and protected with the cocoon-like design, and relax in the most peaceful spot on your veranda or balcony.

How to take care of your egg chair

No matter what your décor is like, or where you’d like to place your egg chair, there are egg chair designs to suit anyone’s taste. Whether cotton, nylon, cushioned wicker, or one of many other materials, the right egg chair can turn any living area into an aesthetically pleasing hideaway.

But do they require maintenance? If you’re not used to them, it might take some time to get used to being suspended while you sit, but an egg chair made of quality materials is designed specifically for this purpose and will support you long term without breaking. The only thing you have to worry about is not spilling anything on your cushions, and covering them up or bringing them in from the rain to prevent rust.

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