Sometimes the hunt for new furniture can feel like an expensive and temporary solution. Many of the less expensive pieces may look good at first, but the price often reflects their quality, so unfortunately they don’t last long. And once pieces start looking shabby, they can bring down the look of your whole setting. This means regular furniture purchases, which can definitely add up over time!

The other option is to pay high prices for furniture that’s made to last. However, for many of us, this is outside our budget. Not to mention how much more frustrating it can be when something happens to a piece of furniture that we spent a lot of money on! Having kids or pets will only make it harder to take care of expensive pieces.

But no matter what your lifestyle is like, you’ll be happy to know that there is a third option available! Whether you love to entertain your friends and family in a comfortable setting, or want to relax in a luxurious space to call your own, Infinity Furniture offers the durable, quality furniture that you’ve been looking for, at prices you won’t find anywhere else!

High end furniture for less

The high end furniture you see in big brand catalogues is usually so pricey because of the middle men involved. However, with Infinity Furniture, this step is skipped entirely. The high quality furniture available from ‘Infu’ comes from the overstocked or discontinued stock of Australian and international factories, which means that what you see in pricey catalogues is the same quality as the pieces you can find for unbeatable prices at the Infu warehouse!

After over forty years in the industry, specialising in the upholstery, decoration, and customisation of furniture, the team at Infu have a keen eye for quality and design. All pieces are chosen for their quality materials like outdoor wicker, timber and aluminium, or indoor Warwick fabrics, in classic and modern styles which are bound to suit a variety of different living spaces.

And, if you do find the same pieces for less at another store, Infu will happily beat their price! Although other furniture store offers may seem like a good deal compared to their usual sky-high rates, Infu’s consistently lower prices show true dedication to bringing you the very best deals, every time.

Unbeatable range of quality furniture

With an extensive indoor and outdoor range, Infinity Furniture is the largest factory direct warehouse of designer furniture in Melbourne. And with new stock arriving each and every week, your options are virtually endless!

At Infu, you can find a range of indoor dining tables to create the perfect setting for a romantic dinner, or outdoor dining tables for family feasts by the BBQ. You can browse indoor lounges to relax on while you watch Netflix, or outdoor lounges to complete your comfy patio retreat.

If you need anything at all for your home, such as chairs, recliners, coffee tables, TV units, beds, bedside tables or dressers, you’re in luck. And if your outdoor areas could do with some furniture and accessories like bar settings, umbrellas or hanging egg chairs, Infu has it all!

Add a touch of luxurious comfort and style to any living space with a range that suits both your budget and your home.

Visit the warehouse or shop online

If you’ve scoured all of the stores in Melbourne and can’t find the right pieces at the right prices, come and visit one of the largest furniture stores in the country!

The warehouse in Melbourne’s Bayside area is a wonderland of innovative, stylish, and affordable furniture. If you visit in person, be prepared to take a lot in! But even if you get overwhelmed, the staff are friendly and approachable. With a huge knowledge base in furniture brands and interior design, they can answer all of your questions and provide any advice you may need.

However, if you’re not located near Melbourne, no problem! Infu offer fast shipping or pickup no matter where you’re located. There are also plenty of other seasonal promotions and deals for even greater discounts! So, check out the catalogue and keep an eye out for sales or new stock. Find the perfect furniture for your home, at the perfect price!