If you’re on a mission to create a truly beautiful and practical outdoor space, then the selection of the perfect outdoor furniture is essential. When you choose patio furniture such as tables and chairs to flank your dream fire pit, there are several points to consider before committing to your purchase.

Doing your research in advance of shopping for outdoor furniture is the best way to ensure you end up with the outdoor living space that meets your needs. This also means it will tick all the boxes for comfort and style.

So what should you be doing before you upgrade your outdoor space? At Infinity Furniture, we have years of industry expertise that we are happy to share. Let’s take a look.

1) Consider what kind of outdoor furniture will suit your needs.

Do you need a dining set for entertaining? A bistro set for a small space? Or lounge chairs and a sofa for relaxing in the sun?

Understanding the size of your space and how you hope to enjoy it is essential when it comes to finding the right outdoor furniture. Small spaces that are overcrowded with furniture that is too big will feel even smaller. Conversely, not adequately furnishing a larger space can make it feel awkward or uninviting.

Always measure your space and map out the placement of furniture. This will help you visualise the space and determine if your ideas work for the space you have. Consider the amount of sun and shade your space receives across the day also as this will help you determine the best position for your furniture, the best materials to choose and whether you need a shade umbrella!

2) Decided on the type of furniture you need? Now it’s time to focus on style!

Do you want something classic or contemporary? Rustic or modern? There are no hard and fast rules about the style of furniture you should choose for your outdoor living space, however, there are some aspects you may like to consider before deciding on your theme.

Perfect Outdoor Furniture

It may suit you to match it to your existing interior design, particularly if you want to create a seamless, flow-through effect. Alternatively, you may like to use your outdoor space as a new zone in which to flex your creativity in design.

The style you opt for may also need to take into account the size of your space. Sleek, slimline furniture can help you fit more in when furnishing a small area and won’t detract from the spacious feel of your outdoor area. Bigger areas can manage more rustic, solid furniture with ease.

3) Want long-lasting furniture that looks great year after year? Time to think about materials.

Do you want wood, wicker, metal, or plastic furniture? The materials used to create outdoor furniture each have their pros and cons, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Outdoor fabric needs to be UV resistant so it doesn’t fade or break down in the sun. The optimal outdoor fabric is solution-dyed polyester or polypropylene. It has exceptional UV/sun resistance and weathers well in wet conditions as it is quick-drying and will not leach colour.

When it comes to the construction material of the furniture itself you will most often be choosing between, real or synthetic wicker/rattan, metal, plastic or wood. Be sure to choose not only for appearance and durability but for ease of maintenance keeping in mind how much time you’ll have for cleaning and upkeep.

Wicker And Rattan

Perfect for a relaxed beachside or Hamptons vibe, the classic look of wicker and rattan has been favoured for outdoor furniture for decades. However, if your outdoor area is not well protected from wet weather, we recommend opting for synthetic options for these materials.

Natural wicker and rattan furniture are prone to mildew or rot if it remains consistently wet. It can also become quite dusty or aged-looking without maintenance. Fortunately, the engineered, UV-resistant wicker and rattan furniture eliminates a lot of these concerns. A quick hose down and your furniture is clean and with zero risk of rot or mildew.


Metal offers a strong outdoor furniture solution that is also truly weather-resistant and durable. Opt for a pretty wrought iron outdoor dining set or perhaps a slimline and lightweight lounge chair and side tables for the poolside.

Metal and stainless steel settings are ideal for those who want minimal maintenance and furniture that will last for many years to come. Simply pair with some purpose-made outdoor cushions and you have a comfortable spot to enjoy the great outdoors.


While perhaps not the most appealing material when it comes to aesthetics in outdoor furniture, plastic outdoor settings still have their place. An inexpensive and durable option, plastic settings can last for years when well cared for, they’re also lightweight, easily maneuvered and a breeze to clean.

We suggest opting for darker-toned settings that add aesthetic appeal while ensuring they are also properly UV-rated so they do not fade or break down when in the sun.


Undoubtedly a perennial favourite, wood furniture adds a lovely warmth and charm to any outdoor space. Incredibly durable, wood furniture weathers well in sun and rain – with the exception that you may need to reseal or oil it periodically to keep it looking fresh.

4) Consider your budget.

Last but certainly not least, set your budget and ensure you are comfortable with it. Outdoor furniture can be quite expensive, so it’s important to set a realistic budget before you start shopping.

Knowing your budget can help to narrow down which material or style you opt for and whether you can afford extras like coffee tables, cushions a bar and more!

 Infinity Furniture – We’re Here To Help

At Infinity Furniture, we have decades of industry experience behind us and a genuine passion for helping our customers create their dream outdoor spaces. With an ever-changing wealth of options to choose from you’re sure to locate your ideal outdoor solution at our Melbourne warehouse.

Our warehouse stocks items from overseas factories as well as several Australian wholesalers clearing discontinued and overstocked products. We offer competitive prices and will happily match prices found elsewhere for the same items.

No matter where you’re at with planning your outdoor furniture purchases, the team at Infinity Furniture is here to help. With our expert tips in mind, we’re confident you’ll soon find the perfect outdoor furniture for your home.

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