If you are shopping for outdoor furniture in Melbourne that is both stylish and comfortable the Infinity Furnitures Melbourne showroom should be your first stop. Our extensive range of outdoor furniture is affordable, functional and designed for comfort.

With cost effective prices that never equates to a compromise on quality, the outdoor furniture collections at Infinity Funiture are sure to impress.

Why Quality Outdoor Furniture Matters

It may be tempting to prioritise cost over quality when it comes to your outdoor furniture, but the reality is that outdoor living spaces are often exposed to extreme weather. The harsh Australian climate, particularly the high UV exposure can quickly cause your furniture to break down, fade or perish.

Our high-quality outdoor furniture is selected for its ability to withstand whatever weather your outdoor space is exposed to. This ensures that your much loved outdoor space remains looking great and comfortable all year round.

Never face embarrassment when family and friends come to visit and find mouldy cushions or furniture which is peeling or faded. Shop with Melbournes leading outdoor furniture store and create the perfect outdoor space that will last for years to come.

Outdoor Furniture Materials


Timber outdoor furniture offers a look that is both cozy and classic. Its natural texture makes it a perennial favourite and it is also quite durable. Timber may require some light maintenance such as reoiling over its lifetime to keep it looking at its best.


Sleek, strong and stylish, aluminium outdoor furniture is the number one choice for those who do not want to worry about the effects of the weather. Aluminium outdoor furniture is lightweight, durable and available in a variety of colours and textures to suit your outdoor area. Keep in mind however that in full sun, you’ll need some cushions to sit on as aluminium furniture can get quite hot to the touch.


Offering a relaxed homely charm, wicker furniture is perfect for outdoor furniture sets and outdoor lounges. The frame of wicker furniture is most often timber or aluminium for strength.

Traditional wicker furniture made from natural fibres is increasingly being replaced with synthetic materials such as PVC, nylon, polyethylene, or high-density polyethylene. This change in manufacturing makes it incredibly durable as it is UV and water-resistant.

Outdoor Furniture Items We Stock

Whether you hope to shop in store or prefer to buy your outdoor furniture online, our warehouse offers an extensive range that suits every space and budget.

Our range of outdoor furniture is ever-expanding but includes:

  • Outdoor tables
  • Outdoor dining tables
  • Bar tables
  • Barstools
  • Outdoor chairs
  • Lounge sets and more.

We also stock a range of accessories that add to the ambience of your outdoor areas and make entertaining even easier. This includes outdoor dining settings, cushions, umbrellas, outdoor mats, bar accessories and more.

Top Tips For Shopping

Before committing to an outdoor setting, we recommend the following.

Measure your space

 When buying outdoor furniture, you want it to enhance the space it’s intended for, not crowd or clutter it. Make sure you have ample room to enjoy the items you choose and won’t regret your purchase.

 Consider storage

 Opting for furniture that also combines storage is a great way to keep your outdoor cushions fresh and the area tidy while not using them. Bench seats, ottomans, low tables and more can all have storage included in their design. As a bonus, ottomans and low tables can often double as extra seating when required.

Choose your colours wisely

 Choosing furniture that complements your interior decor can be a great way to create a gentle flowing through from indoors to outdoors. This makes the space feel larger and more relaxing also.

Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture

Even the most well made and high-quality outdoor furniture benefits from a little TLC. We recommend keeping cushions, outdoor rugs, blankets or similar undercover or in waterproof storage when not being used. This helps protect against fading or mould growth in continually damp or humid weather.

 To care for your furniture, avoid using any harsh cleansers and simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and a little dish detergent if necessary. Should your outdoor space not offer any protection from the weather, you may like to cover your furniture with a purpose-built cover when not in use.

This not only extends the life of your furniture but ensures that everything is dry, clean and ready for use whenever you need it. As mentioned previously, timber outdoor furniture, in particular, can become damaged if consistently exposed to water or full sun. It is quickly restored to life however with light sanding and application of appropriate oil.

Shop Your Perfect Outdoor Decor With Infinity Furniture 

With over 40 years of experience and being Melbourne’s biggest factory-direct designer furniture outlet, you are guaranteed to find the perfect outdoor setting for your needs. With new stock arriving weekly, there has never been a better time to go shopping.

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