Mayfair Corner Lounge Set – Matte White


Product Features
  • FSC Acacia tabletops and stool
  • On‐trend Aluminium‐Wood design
  • Durable Matte White powder coat finish
  • Non‐rust Aluminium frames
  • Quality spun polyester cushion covers on dining chair
This product includes
  • Mayfair Double Lounge Left & Right
    ‐ 123cm w x 70.5cm W x 74.5cm H
  • Mayfair Corner Lounge
    ‐ 70.5cm W x 70.5cm D x 74.5cm H
  • Mayfair Coffee Table
    ‐ 67cm L x 67cm W x 41.5cm H


Product Details
Product Length Width Depth Height
Mayfair Double Lounge Left & Right 123cm 70.5cm 74.5cm
Mayfair Corner Lounge 70.5cm 70.5cm 74.5cm
Mayfair Coffee Table 67cm 67cm 41.5cm

Frame: Matte White

Fabric: Retreat Grey


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