Australians love spending time outdoors, whether this is at the beach, family picnics or our very own yard or balcony, the great outdoors never loses its charm. To ensure you can maximise your enjoyment of your own outdoor space, setting up comfortable and practical outdoor areas is a must. 

At Infinity Furniture, we stock a wide range of outdoor furniture from outdoor dining tables to bars, seating, outdoor rugs and more. With our help, you’ll soon have an outdoor space to enjoy all year round without ever having to leave your home. 

In this guide, we’ll go over types of outdoor furniture, how to choose furniture, caring for your furniture and more. 

Types Of Outdoor Furniture  


Timber outdoor furniture is a perenially popular option that is both durable and comfortable. A classic choice, its natural texture makes it a popular choice for those seeking a warm, inviting look to their space.

One of the only downsides to selecting timber is that it can require some light maintenance to keep it at its best. This can involve light sanding and reoiling which both protects the timber and keeps it looking fresh. 


Strong and sleek, aluminium outdoor furniture is a stylish choice and ideal for those who do not want to worry about the effects of the weather. 

Aluminium outdoor furniture is incredibly durable and able to withstand even the harshest of conditions. Both lightweight and durable it comes in a variety of colours and textures to suit your preferred aesthetics.

As aluminium furniture can get quite hot to the touch, you will need to invest in some cushions or keep it under shade to avoid discomfort.  In terms of upkeep, a simple wash with warm soapy water is all you’ll need to keep it looking great. 


Not as sleek or durable as timber or aluminium, wicker furniture does however offer a great deal of charm. Usually sold as an outdoor setting that includes couches and armchairs, wicker must be used with cushions for comfort. 

Wicker can be both natural material or synthetic and is most often woven over a timber or aluminium frame. Opting for synthetic wicker made using materials synch as PVC, nylon, polyethylene, or high-density polyethylene allows you to enjoy the look of wicker while also benefiting from UV and water resistance for durability.

Both synthetic wicker and natural wicker can benefit from a wash with warm soapy water to keep it dust free and fresh. For natural wicker, be sure to let it dry fully in the sun to avoid mildew or mould growth. 

Choosing Your Furniture

Choosing the right outdoor furniture isn’t as simple as picking something that looks good. We recommend taking the following steps to ensure it is the best choice for all the right reasons. 

Measure Your Space

Measuring how much space you have is an important step. Crowded or cluttered outdoor spaces are not going to feel welcoming or look appealing. The last thing you want is to invest in new outdoor furniture and find it doesn’t fit only once you get it home. 

Make It Multipurpose

Multipurpose, functional furniture that offers storage, as well as seating, is always a plus. It makes it easier to keep your cushions protected when not in use and with some outdoor coffee tables doubling as eskies, you can even keep your drinks cool with ease. 

Look for bench seats, ottomans, low tables and more that pair storage with seating for optimal flexibility and value. 

Choose Your Colours Wisely

Sure, everything neutral might be in fashion now, but does that suit your existing decor or preferred style? Opting for furniture that complements your existing aesthetic is a great way to create the illusion of a bigger, more relaxing space, as one flows more naturally into the other. 

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t also have a little fun with your decorating! We suggest keeping core pieces practical and playing with colour and texture in soft furnishings so they can be easily changed out as your preferences change. 

Opt for Quality 

Ensuring you select high-quality furniture over items of lesser quality is important. Good quality furniture is designed to withstand the elements and consistent use over many many years meaning you will not need to replace it at additional expense. 

Good quality furniture does not always equal expensive, but you should check for warranties for wear and tear and check brand reviews online for insider tips regarding its performance. 

Caring For Your Outdoor Furniture 

Even the most well-made and high-quality outdoor furniture needs a little TLC to keep it at its best. For soft furnishings such as cushions, outdoor rugs, blankets or similar, we suggest keeping these undercover or in waterproof storage when not in use. This helps to reduce the risk of fading or mould growth in damp or humid weather. 

There is no need to use harsh or expensive chemicals on your furniture, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and a little dish detergent to remove grime. For furniture kept without any protection from the weather, we recommend purchasing a purpose-made cover to help with its longevity, this also ensures it is clean, dry and ready for use at all times.  

Make The Most Of Your Space With Infinity Furniture 

At Infinity Furniture, we make it easy to find an outdoor future that suits your style and budget with zero compromises on quality. Our vast Melbourne warehouse is full of products direct from overseas factories. We also deal with several Australian wholesalers clearing discontinued and overstocked products.

So confident are we that we are the most competitively priced supplier that we promise to price-match any competitor.  Our goal is to ensure you can afford to create the ideal outdoor 

Visit our warehouse or online store today to view our ever-expanding range. From dining sets for outdoors to quality indoor furniture and decorative items, we have it all. 

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