Every Aussie appreciates time spent outdoors when the weather is great. Something we all enjoy is being able to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from the comfort of our own homes. When it comes to creating an inviting outdoor living space that you can enjoy with friends and family, or even on your own, it can seem impossible to achieve on a budget. 

At Infinity Furniture, we offer a range of budget-friendly outdoor furniture designed to suit all kinds of outdoor areas. From an inner city apartment balcony to an outdoor bar, lush backyard lawn, covered deck or patio and more, we have something for everyone. 

To help you create the outdoor seating area you dream of, we’ve created this handy guide for how to design a winning space on a budget and without compromising on the little things. 

7 Steps To Creating An Inviting Outdoorspace On A Budget

1. Start With A Plan

Decide on the type of outdoor space you want. Think about what purpose it will serve, who is likely to use it, the style you want to replicate and the environment itself – is it undercover or exposed to the elements? 

Once you have determined these details you can sketch out a rough idea of what you envision. Create a list of the items you feel are essential such as an outdoor dining table, chairs, outdoor lights or similar. 

Then, create a second list of the extras you hope to include such as an outdoor rug (perfect for adding a luxurious touch to an outdoor living room), string lights, a water feature, cushions, plants etc. These are things you’d like to have but are not essential to the initial set-up of your ideal space. 

Collecting images of spaces you love from Pinterest or your favourite home design magazine can help you clarify the style you are after. Doing this can guide you through how to add colour and patterns effectively and keep you focused on the ultimate outcome – distractions can lead to impulse shopping and a blowout of the budget!

2. Set A Budget

Once you know what you want, determine how much you’re willing to spend on each component of your plan. Specifically budget out what you’d like to spend on furniture, materials, and other necessary items. 

We recommend allowing a little wiggle room rather than sticking firmly to the set price as this can help you to avoid disappointment and avoid feeling too restricted while shopping. Should you spend a little more on one thing, you may find this is offset later by finding a more affordable option for another addition. 

3. Shop Around

Don’t just settle for the first option you see – take your time to find the best deals on furniture and materials that fit your vision and budget. As experienced furniture sales experts, we can tell you that we expect you to have done your research! We’re confident our prices are some of the most competitive in Melbourne, but we are happy to discuss these should you have found it cheaper elsewhere.

Doing your research means you can get the best possible prices, without compromising on quality or what you want. This can also help to free up some money in your budget for those extras we mentioned earlier. 

4. Get Creative With DIY Projects

If you’re handy, there are plenty of ways to save money by doing some or all of the work yourself. From home-built fire pits to functional and impressive outdoor kitchens, the internet is a fantastic resource for finding easy and inexpensive DIY projects.

Pinterest and YouTube abound with ideas and helpful instructional videos that can help you gain the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and create something amazing. The pride you’ll feel knowing you played a role in creating your dream outdoor space only adds to the fun. 

5. Be Smart About Materials

Sure, velvet looks lush and may be perfect for that styled magazine shoot you’re basing your plan on, but in reality, it’s not practical. Choosing furniture and materials that are durable and easy to care for not only makes it easier to maintain your outdoor space but ensures your investment in your outdoor space is not wasted by having to replace them. 

Choose fabrics and materials that can withstand sun exposure to minimise fading or breakdown from UV rays as well as those that can be easily cleaned with soap and water. This way you can be sure your furniture and any cushions remain both looking great and comfortable for many years to come.  

6. Think Outside The Box

Get creative with your outdoor space – there are endless possibilities! Outdoor spaces can be so much more than just outdoor dining areas. Consider creating a comfortable outdoor living space that incorporates a seating area with side tables, relaxing recliner chairs, outdoor rugs, solar lighting, plants and more. 

With a little creativity, you can put together an outdoor space that truly reflects your unique personality. Practical outdoor spaces can be welcoming and chic, remember, you are not limited to just a table and chairs. 

7. Have Fun

Don’t forget, the point is to create a space that you enjoy spending time in! Try not to get too caught up in perfect Pinterest images that can distract you from creating a space that suits your style and meets your needs. 

Budget Friendly Extras To Enhance Your Outdoor Space

Once you’ve secured the appropriate outdoor/patio furniture, it’s time to add some flair and personality to your space. Here are some simple ideas to add to your space that won’t break the bank. 

Solar String Lights – Available in a variety of styles from twinkle to festoon and with a very reasonable price tag, adding some solar-powered string lights is a great way to instantly add some romance and warmth to your outdoor area. 

Add Wall Art – Have a particularly small outdoor space? Think vertically, adding some inexpensive poster art or some interesting decor on the walls can help create visual impact without sacrificing valuable floor space. 

Hang Outdoor Curtains – Is your space exposed to full sun or has minimal privacy? A great way to manage this without huge expense is to hang some sheer outdoor curtains. 

As well as added privacy they help to elevate the mood of the space, as a bonus, they’re easily installed and removed – making them a great option for renters. 

Hang A Projector Screen – An incredibly fun way to turn your space into a true outdoor living area, a projector screen is a cost-effective way to create a multi-purpose space that you and your loved ones can enjoy day and night. 

Add Some Greenery – A planter wall, some well-placed pot plants or even vases of foliage and flowers can add a touch of freshness to your space and give the illusion of being cool. Perfect for those hot summer BBQs, be sure to opt for easy-care plants that can handle their location. 

Choose Multi-functional Furniture – Perfect for those short on space and inherently budget-friendly, opting for furniture that can serve multiple purposes is ideal. An example of this could be a pouffe or footrest that with a serving tray placed on top, becomes a handy side table. They can also be used as additional seating in a pinch. 

Stencilling & Paint – Nothing is quite so effective when it comes to an outdoor facelift as a bit of paint. Stencilling old concrete patios is a great way to add dimension and flair to an otherwise aged outdoor area. For those renting, removable vinyl tiles can also be a great option that is easily lifted up when you’re ready to move out. 

Experience The Infinity Furniture Difference 

With over 40 years of experience in the decorating, furniture and upholstery business, we know what makes for great quality furniture. Our Bentleigh warehouse is full of designer indoor and outdoor furniture at incredibly competitive pricing. 

We import a range of products direct from overseas factories while also dealing with several Australian wholesalers who are clearing discontinued and overstocked products. This means you get the best quality furniture at affordable prices. 

We have new stock arriving daily and promise to beat any competitor prices should you find an item stocked cheaper elsewhere. If you’re ready to overhaul your outdoor space and want exceptional value for money paired with genuine service and quality products, Infinity Furniture is here to help.

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