Gone are the days of flimsy plastic outdoor dining settings that become brittle with age and lack any real aesthetic appeal. Modern outdoor areas are on the rise and can help you create an extended living area that is both practical and stylish. 

If you are on the hunt for quality outdoor furniture with competitive prices and zero compromises on style, then Infinity Furniture in Melbourne should be top of your list. Our outdoor furniture store is housed in our Melbourne warehouse and offers a wide range of high-performance pieces that will see your outdoor area go from drab to fab without breaking the bank. 

As one of Melbourne’s finest outdoor furniture suppliers, we offer quality craftsmanship as well as unique designs and styles to suit every space. 

Benefits of Investing in Outdoor Furniture for your Home in Melbourne

There is so much to gain by investing in your outdoor living spaces. This includes but is not limited to things such as:

Creating An Inviting Environment 

Whether for yourself or your guests, having a beautiful outdoor space entices you to spend more time outdoors enjoying fresh air and sunshine. You could very quickly become the preferred host for family BBQs and gatherings for friends. 

More Living Area

Unused outdoor space is wasted living space! Whether you live in a small or large home, additional living space is always a win. Well-thought-out outdoor spaces that incorporate a mix of outdoor lounges, outdoor chairs and dining tables as well as shelter for all weather conditions means you have a relaxing hideaway for all seasons. 

Increase Property Value

Did you know that homes with well-designed outdoor spaces are more appealing to buyers which can lead to a better sale price? This is a simple way to increase your property value as it can be viewed as a usable living space that adds to the square footage of your home.  

Tips For Choosing The Right Outdoor Furniture In Melbourne

Consider Your Budget & Needs

Before you get carried away shopping, it is important to first determine what you actually need and what you are happy to spend. There is little point in buying expensive outdoor furniture that neither fits the space nor your budget! This will have the opposite effect of creating a dreamy outdoor space. 

Think About Durability & Maintenance Requirements

Similarly, no matter how much you love a particular outdoor setting, if it isn’t suited to the conditions your space is exposed to, it’s best to reconsider. For example, if your space is a sun-drenched balcony with no protection from the elements, you’ll need to look at options that withstand high UV exposure as well as wind and rain. 

Look for furniture that is durable, and easy to clean. If you love the look of wood or traditional wicker garden furniture, keep in mind it will need more maintenance than resin wicker or metal options. 

Measure Your Space 

Always make sure you have properly measured your space before you buy your new outdoor furniture. It is helpful to bring a measuring tape with you while shopping so you can be sure it will comfortably fit the space. This can also help you design your space effectively – you may even be able to fit more in than you first thought! 

Look For Multi-use Pieces 

A great way to maximise your space or your investment is to choose pieces that serve more than one purpose. Consider coffee tables with built-in eskies for keeping drinks cool or extendable dining settings that give you the option to host more people if needed without adding a rickety trestle table. 

Side tables that double as additional seating are also a fantastic option for those times when you have extra guests.  

Create A Flow On Effect

Choosing pieces that match your home’s interior design style is an excellent way to create a flow-on effect from one living space to the next. This seamless joining of indoors and outdoors is wonderfully appealing and can even make your indoor spaces feel significantly larger. 

Try to choose colours, fabrics, textures and materials that complement your existing indoor aesthetic. Even if your outdoor space is not connected to your indoor space via sliding doors or visible through windows, keeping a cohesive theme that flows well is always recommended. 

Make the Most of Your New Outdoors Space with Stylish, Functional Pieces From A Trusted Local Store in Melbourne

Whether you hope to find outdoor furniture online or in person, Infinity Furniture makes it easy. With an ever-changing range of quality pieces direct from overseas factories as well as overstock or discontinued items from Australian wholesalers, we are sure to have the ideal outdoor setting for your needs. 

With over 40 years of experience in the upholstery, decorating and custom furniture business, we are perfectly positioned to help you find the right items for your space. We can assist with measuring, guide you regarding maintenance and keep you updated regarding any new stock as it arrives. 

We guarantee the best prices and will happily price match any competitor should you find the same item cheaper elsewhere.  

Our warehouse is expertly set up to allow you to envisage how your preferred outdoor setting will look. Our goal is to make it enjoyable and easy to buy outdoor furniture in Melbourne and we will do whatever we can to achieve this. 

Get Creative and Have Fun With Your Outdoor Space

Visit our Melbourne warehouse in person or online today and experience a better way of shopping for outdoor furniture. Should you need some new indoor furniture at competitive prices, we can help with that too.

For all your furniture needs, Infinity Furniture is the leading choice, call today on 0414 556 898 or shop online.