Do you have fond memories of sunny days spent playing outside as a child? Where a sandpit had endless possibilities for imaginative play and outdoor tables and chairs could become a fort or hiding place?

If so, you no doubt hope to create spaces in your home for your children to experience the same as they grow.

If you have limited space or a budget that doesn’t stretch to buying expensive play equipment, it can feel impossible to give your children these experiences. However, thanks to the magic of a child’s imagination, it is much easier than you think.

The Importance Of Outdoor Play For Children

Active Play & Physical Development

The importance of play, especially play that occurs outdoors and away from technology, is widely recognised as being critical to the development of children.

Outdoor play for children helps to promote better gross motor skills, a vital component of healthy physical development. Active types of play that encourage children to run, jump, balance, climb and more all contribute to optimal physical development.

Outdoor activities are perfect for gross motor skills and you’ll notice that most playgrounds for children are specially designed with this in mind.

Socialisation and Communication

Children excel at making new friends when playing outdoors. Outdoor activities encourage children to interact with one another and think of new ways to play.

They learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings, collaborate with their peers, negotiate, learn new vocabulary, better expression and more.

Whether at a water play park or in your backyard with a table and chairs and a few blankets, children are the experts at playing games with the simplest of equipment.

You really do not have to go overboard with toys, slides and swings, to a child, even outdoor furniture can become a castle, fort or the perfect place for tea parties.

Creativity & Imagination

Did you know that often the less we give children, the more likely they are to use their imagination and creativity in play? Learning and developing creativity and imagination is not only important for children, but serves us well into adulthood too.

As mentioned above, effective outdoor play for children does not have to mean elaborate set-ups or brightly coloured play equipment.

Even the simplest outdoor environments with some outdoor furniture and cushions can encourage children to use their imagination and create fun outdoor activities.

Learning and Cognitive Development

During outdoor play, children are exposed to different situations in which they naturally use their problem-solving skills, think critically and make decisions. These skills are all vital to healthy cognitive development and support more independent thinking in children.

Even sitting with family at an outdoor table sharing a meal helps teach children how to interact and manage themselves during mealtimes. Choosing which foods to eat, working out how to access different things across the table and more are all simple acts that contribute to learning important skills.

Emotional Regulation

Spending more and more time outdoors allows children to release pent-up energy in a way that indoor play cannot. This helps to reduce stress and supports children to regulate their emotions.

Exposure to open-air environments and nature is known to naturally boost our mood and can help teach children skills for resilience. Introducing outdoor play for children from a young age promotes emotional well-being and a healthy approach to better mental health.

General Health Benefits

Fresh air and sunshine are so important for our general health. Safe exposure to sunshine, whether sitting under an outdoor umbrella, wearing a hat and sunscreen or similar, naturally provides you with the essential nutrient vitamin D

Vitamin D is a building block for strong bones and supports your body to better absorb calcium. It also helps reduce inflammation, helps fight off infection and regulates sleep patterns.

Simply choosing to serve your child’s afternoon tea outdoors, seated at your outdoor setting is encouraging better health.

Creating A Child-Friendly Outdoor Space

At Infinity Furniture, we offer a wide range of outdoor furniture that is durable and kid-friendly. With our help, you can create a multi-functional outdoor space that is suited to family meals as well as safe outdoor play for your children.

With a range of furniture in soft synthetic wickers or sturdy timber and soft, outdoor cushions and mats to suit every budget, your children can play and create outdoors with ease.

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